Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Snowing Again In Northern Iowa

No, I don't believe it'll stop 'til April! This is the third big snow storm we've had in the past 14 days. They are calling for more snow through out this week. Never good the week before Christmas. Way too much to do and get done! Luckily, we had a very sunny Saturday and lots of people showed up at The Rusty Nickel to finish their purchasing. Let's hope Thursday and Friday can be just as nice for all you last minute shoppers (don't worry, I am one of you!) Just wanted to let you know we are open 10-5 Thursday and 10-3 Friday, Christmas Eve. I have actually gotten a few things done over the weekend so I do have a few new wooden, stenciled and distressed signs done. A few you can use all winter long, and we know how long the winter weather lasts in Iowa. We could have snow until Easter :(  Many blessings until the next time!

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