Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hot Weather Brings Progress At The Shop

Is it hot enough for you?? It's so crazy how it was such a cool, wet spring and now it's sweltering!!

Last week, it was so miserably hot, temps in the high 90's and heat index well above 110. Hubby choose to work at the shop, so we turned on the window air and fired up about 4 fans. They ended up getting most of my floor built up to the level of other parts. They also got my plumbing moved around so I can have a bathroom, yay!!!

We have the chance to buy another building, the man's just not quite ready to sell yet, but when he is, it's our. So this means, we are putting in a shower in the bathroom and a few other things, so we can turn my current shop into a studio apartment. It adds more work now...but it would be soooo much more work later on.

I snapped a few pics of the projects. They aren't very clear, but I'll try and keep the pics coming so you can see the progress!!

Stay cool!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

It's That Time Of Year...

When my laundry lays on the dryer or sits in a basket. I don't do laundry until I realize I have no clean shorts/capris left. Supper is on the go, my daughter rarely plays inside with her toys, ohhh and it's been awhile since I've cleaned my house. Does this happen to you?? Do you collapse into bed exhausted every nite??? Go, go, go, go!! That's all I feel I'm doing.

Tomorrow I'm off the Manly's Farmer's Market. I'll have a table or two set up. I have several fresh items from the garden and also a few of my thinks from the shop. If you're in town, come check up out :)

Until I take a break again....have a wonderful summer day!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

....And The Barn Came Down

What a busy weekend!! Hope everyone is having a great long, 4th of July weekend!!

Friday nite we had a bad rain/wind storm. So windy it bent my umbrella on my patio table right over and also blew over my outhouse...ohh, and it took out our cable. The one thing we were waiting for, was our barn to blow over. Hubby had the excavator and everything ready to tear it down on Saturday morning, and just knowing our luck, we thought it would blow over. Thankfully, it didn't. I don't want to be building my neighbor a new garage.

Saturday we took our poor, delapidated barn down. It put up more of a fight then I thought. But luckily, nothing got broken (well hubby was pissed he backed into his sprayer he pulls behind the lawnmower, and my yard cart, grrr.) Other then that mishap, we won't be building the neighbor a new garage, we didn't loose anything on our own garage, and the dog kennel was not flattened.

Now, onto the next project. We've decided put a garage back up on the slab and pour a slab for the dog kennel, and I'm hoping for a little covered patio, since our deck bakes in the late day sun; it's not very usuable.

Here are some pics of before, during and after! Have a great 4th!