Monday, February 28, 2011

A Few More Purchases

Hubby got this crock for 12.50. It's not in great shape, but I think I have an easier time putting it outside or putting shoes in it, when they aren't pristine. I think it would be cute with a tree in it too.

He also picked up about 8 sad irons for 10, an old ironing board, 10 gal Monmouth crock, a HUGE tobagan (I think that was more for himself, hehe!) A couple pairs of ice skates, and some fruit boxes. A few things for the shop, just not as much as I'd like. Oh well, there are still many more auctions for me to hit up :) I can't wait for garage sale and auction season to really kick off!! I am a shopping fool when it comes to auctions!

Have a great day

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Hubby Has Redeemed Himself

Valentine's Day came and went. My hubby is horrible at giving gifts. I should be use to it by now, but I just always have a little glimmer of hope, it'll change. I guess there was a whole mix up with my flowers, he did actually make an attempt, but they never got delivered. I told him, skip the flowers, I'd rather have him spend the money on something I can enjoy longer then a week.

Yesterday there was a big auction in Mason. My favorite auctioneer was in charge, so of course I wanted to go. Friday night we went to look over what there was. I pointed out the my hubby several things I wanted and things to replenish the shop. I had a feeling I wouldn't be feeling up to spending all day Saturday at an auction. I barely did a few hours outta the house Friday night. About 3 am I woke up in tears. I had woke up at 2, but fell back asleep. I hadn't taken my pain med and was in PAIN! I told my hubby, I wasn't going to be able to go to the auction and that I've got to learn to stop overdoing it! Yesterday morning we spent the morning, all 3 of us, just hanging out. Around noon, Missy Pete had had 1 too many meltdowns and I was ready for a nap. Off hubby went.

He text me asking me what I wanted to pay for things and what I wanted. He bought the one thing I really wanted, and I told him I'd pay 500 for it. He got it for soooo much less then that!! I'm so excited, I told him he had redeemed himself, and I wouldn't razz him about V-Day anymore, hehe!

So what do you think?? He bought several others, but they are still in the car. I'll post 'em when they get pulled out.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Picking Away at The Undones

Please tell me you have piles of undone things? Please tell me you start something, put it off and then by the time the season/holiday has come and gone the item isn't done yet? I don't always have this problem, but it seems lately it's always happening.

Whether it's wooden or fabric items. I have a garage full of undones. My hubby cuts it out, puts it together and there it sits. Sometimes the pieces lay out there and then so much time has passed we don't even remember what it's for. Last week I was on a roll. I started picking through the undones in the garage. Hubby even came home one night and said there were bare holes in the garage. YAY!!! That's one thing accomplished. Now these items are sitting in the basement waiting for some finishing up. I want to go down there, but I have been getting dizzy and weak from my meds and don't want to get stuck down there right now.

I have a tote full of fall/halloween things I didn't get finished up last year. I ususally do one, because I HAVE to see the finish product, then I go from there. Well since fall, I have added winter and christmas things too. I started a Valentine's door greeter, I didn't get it done, so now into the tote it goes. I started a spring project, I cut out 6. I should know better. I finally got one finished yesterday. The rest are in pieces. I'm shooting for atleast 2 more done, but all would be nice. But I have to be logical, hehe!

Yes, I am a procrastinator. Yes, sometimes I take on way too much. I see something, start it, and then find something else I want to do more. It's a never ending cycle!

 Here's a pile of stenciled signs, they just need to go up to the shop and be priced
 A stack of painted pieces that need to go on their intended items
 A stack of half painted books. Some just need some finishing touches
My sewing table, I actually cleaned it up last night. You can still see snowmen along with my spring projects

Maybe this is something I'll work on this year. I know I could fill my shop with all the undone projects in my house. The worst part, they've taken over. We don't truly have a lot of good storage in our house anyways, and then me adding to the chaos, doesn't help. Little one always wants to touch and examine my things, which usually sends me into a madwoman if something happens to it. It's my fault, I know. I just need to tell myself to finish something before I move on to the next. I hope I'm not the only one that has this problem :)

There is an auction this weekend and I really want to go. Guess we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ode To My 4-Legged Fuzzball

This morning I thought I would post about my 4-legged baby, Mowser. This month is the 8 year anniversary of having my fuzzball. I still get a proud, warm feeling when I can say I rescued her from the Rescue League in Des Moines. She has been there for me always.

The last few days, she has been my companion, she loves that her mom is held up in bed, and able to give her all kinds of attention! Her "motor" helps me sleep, though my meds help a lot more :)  She has moved from many times with me, and she still has not become a fan of car rides.

She is the queen of the castle! I was quite worried when Missy was born, how Mowser would handle it. Since Ady is now moving at lightening speed, Mows, just tries to stay outta her way! Except when Missy wants to give Mows a treat. There have been a few moments of pure peace between them.

Since moving into our house, I had adopted 2 farm kittens. Unfortunately they didn't work out, you want to talk about breaking my heart with those decisions!! As I cried my eyes out, the queen, was giving me the look that was saying, "I told you I was the only kitty for you!" I think she's right!

We'll see how she handles the next move, across the street to our project house. Then hopefully on to the new house my hubby will build us out on the farm. I pray that my fuzzbaby is with us many more years. Her quirky actions and very predicatable moves make our house more of home!

Pets just make life more enjoyable! Here are a few pics of Mowser

 Mowser posing in the jelly cupboard

She wasn't so sure about what was about to be moving in

Mowser has been sharing the bed with me the last few days

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting Hard To Swallow - Literally

The weather that is! I have had enough. All weekend it sleeted, we even had thunder and lightening during this sleet, crazy. Then Sunday night it snowed on top of that. Our lights flickered several time under the weight of the ice on the lines. I was worried my daughter's daycare wouldn't be open, then I didn't know what we do, since I had my tonsils out yesterday.

Surgery went well, except it took me a little longer to wake up. I was very tired and came home and slept it off. Then I think I over did it. I felt much better then I thought I would. So I was up doing things, chatting and playing with Missy Pete. Well I woke up this morning and felt awful! I have spent all morning in bed. I've been doing some blog hopping, sewing, and some browsing on Ebay. I am the only one home so luckily I'm saving my voice. I never thought how bad my tongue would hurt. Guess I didn't think about them having to clamp it outta the way during surgery. Kinda yucky to think about. Trying to keep my liquids up and keep on top of my meds.

Maybe tomorrow I will be up to posting some pics of my latest projects. Hubby brought home some feed sacks, I'd like to make into pillows. Also had him bring home this very long narrow wooden box, I'd like to hang on the wall. Think it would make a very cool shelf. I'm hoping it isn't too long for where I'd like it to go.

Off to rest again

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What A Wonderful Day Out

The birds are chirping, I can comfortably sit in the sun with only a t-shirt, and I can hear the water running(rapidly down my gutters!) It's great! It's 53 and it's mid-February. But all good things must come to an end! Tomorrow it's supposed to be back down in the 30's and they are talking snow this weekend. I can't believe I'm saying this, and I wouldn't be if I weren't having surgery on Monday, but I'm alright with crappy weather coming back our way.

I have always loved being outside. Even as a small child, I can remember going outside; cold and crappy or hot and beautiful! I grew up on a farm, so there was always something to do. I've always had atleast one cat and atleast one dog. Therefore, always someone to play with, someone that wasn't my bro, haha.

Next week, I'm not sure what to expect, but I can imagine. So if the weather is cold, I am more okay with being stuck inside. I have magazines for reading, sewing to do, and always things to paint and stain. My daughter won't know what to do when she can't roughhouse with mom or have her mom to read to her :( We will get through it, we always do! It just may be a rough week, especially since hubby is already stressing that the rental isn't as close to being done, as he'd like. The renters move in at the end of next week.

Well I am off to enjoy some more of this beautiful February day! I hope mother nature is blessing you with beautiful weather as well!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Projects

Thought I would snap a few pics of the projects that got finished up this weekend. I guess I shouldn't say finished because they aren't totally done. I just stained them, hopefully they'll dry quickly so I can get them painted this week.

 6 of these, 1 for me of course :)

4 of these

The shelf hubby built for me on Saturday, guess this is my V-Day gift, haha!!

Another of Our Projects - The Rental

I snapped a few pics of another of our projects, our rental. This house was a mess when we got it. It had had a water leak, so the hardwoods had buckled, the stain on the trim had literally bubbled and melted off, and then painted had been sent flaking on the floor. This house had set on the market for over a year, but once again, hubby thought we needed a project. We love our realtor, she sends the good deals are way. This was a very good deal, cheaper then a used car, good deal!

The realtors are waiting to move in at the end of the month, so hubby is in high gear. The bathroom is getting put back together this week and then the floors are getting done. Then hopefully it'll be done!

Here are a few pics, of the new paint and the woodwork!
One of the bedrooms, with the bathroom stff in it

 The entry, has great french doors and all these wonderful windows
 Living room with all the natural light
 Living looking into dining
 Kitchen, sorry about my hand in the way, it's small and I was trying to get the best shot
Ther other bedroom

It's Melting!!!!

It was a beautiful weekend! It was close to 40 and we spent much of Saturday and Sunday outside. Missy Pete wanted to play in her Cozy Coupe so we dug it out of the garage and she toted around in it Saturday afternoon. We also, finally, got the Christmas lights down off the house. It's been a bit to slippery and dangerous to get up there before now. Saturday afternoon, hubby built me a shelf I had been admiring in APP. I took Audrey's design and did a little twist to it, I'll get a pic of it posted. Yesterday we spent the day outside yet again. This time, we opened up the garage and hubby finished up a few things he built a few weeks ago. Now they are ready to stain and paint.

On to the best part, the snow is melting. It was 33 when I looked at therometer at 8 this morning. I'm hoping that means it didn't get much below freezing last night, which gives an edge to the melting process. My deck is visable, which means Missy pointed out her toys this morning(for the first time in awhile, they've been so buried!) My boxwoods are starting to poke out and I can see grass!!!

I know it's still only mid-February, I'm sure we'll have atleast one more big snow, but it's just the idea that I can finally see!!

 Thought I would throw these in, Missy convincing the cat to stay in the basket, amazing!!
Mowser in her new "bed" made by daughter :)

Have a great day!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

One of Our Ongoing Projects

I am blessed to have a hubby who is a very talented contractor. He is very paticular and knowledgable, so I can proudly say he does amazing work! He can build a house from the ground up or transform one that is already standing. He does the electrical, plumbing/heating, concrete, tile, painting, drywall, etc. I am lucky enough to live in one of his rehabs, and have another waiting in the wings to be finished to move into.

We bought a house across the street from us. It was far from desirable when we purchased it(that's why it was so cheap!) We have gutted it and expanded it. We have been working on it for over 2 1/2 years. I guess that's why it's a project. It's something we work on when he isn't doing work for someone else or just needs to putter. I have heard many times, "we need to work for someone else to pay for our own projects." Yes dear!

We have pushed the master out over the kitchen, added a 2 1/2 stall garage, those are the major things besides plumbing, wiring, heating, etc. We have much left to do; landscaping, finishing up drywall  and painting, floor coverings, and many more.

I thought I'd share some pics, let me know what you think. It may not be my dream home, but I can happily say I like how it's shaping up!

 This is the tree trimming party we had 4th of July weekend!

 This was the beginning stages. New windows going in. This gravel will come out to make way for more yard and landscaping
 We looked like the ghetto house on the block :)
 Bathroom overhaul!
 The master expansion, before the garage went up
 The new garage and new siding going on!
 The master "nest" It was so hot that week!!

From inside, it was so humid and even hotter up there, with no air moving!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Nice Chat With A Good Friend

Yesterday I sent an email to Kristine at A Primitive Place. I made a suggestion about my neighbor/friend Troy's yard/garden for next spring's edition. I knew he would kill me for doing this :) Well I decided to call him and let him know I'd done so. He stopped by the house and we chatted for well over 2 hrs. He's already fretting, he's just that kind of person.

Troy is one of my newer friends. I always have drooled over his yard! He owns 3 lots at the edge of town. His house sits on one and the other 2 are filled with vegetation!! He has an amazing rock wall/fence. He has pieces of yard art fixated just right amongst all this green. I'm not a fan of these cement pieces. But most of his pieces are the mossy green, so they don't stick out in an odd way. I actually do kind of like them. My neighbor is also a good staple at my shop! His wife may not always like writing the check when he done, but I sure do. He's also been known to walk by my garage and start shopping.

As we chatted, we discussed many things. But all had to do with decorating, whether inside or in the yard. I love having someone I can chat with about these things. He told me about all the things he has purchased lately. I can say I was jealous. This weather has just kept me and my family cooped up(and it's getting old!) Troy's house a smaller house, not tiny by any means, but smaller then mine. He has it filled to the brim!!

We were of course discussing primitives. Talking about wanting to go out east. I always have to remind myself of this, when I start thinking my things don't always seem primitive. But we were saying how our primitves are 200+ yrs newer then the prims out east.

He told me his wife and him were considering taking a trip down to Savannah, GA for their anniversary....I started drooling!! HAHA. I have been to Savannah and have always wanted to go back. It is an amazing city. So much to do and see! Just go when the weather is cooler. (Not a fan of heat and humidity, and it's viscious down there.) His eyes lit up when I told him I had been there and started telling him of all the things to see.

Needless to say, Troy and I could have talked for many more hours. It's so nice to have someone to chat with about the same things and practically know what they are saying before they've finished a sentence. I'm glad I have met him and his wife. One thing we talked about how bare my house has become. My taste is changing and I know I can't fill my house over night with prims. Here are a few things that I have not moved to shop or garage sale pile. I had to throw in the pic of my geranium plant I brought in. The bloom just makes me smile, hopefully I'll be able to plant more soon!!

Stay warm!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Date Has Been Set - My Tonsil Are Coming Out

This morning I went to the ENT. Wasn't quite sure what to expect. You may think I'm crazy for what I'm about to say, but I pretty much begged him to take out my tonsils. I didn't have to do much begging (just wasn't sure what other term to use.) He told me what their normal protocal was but said they can always flex it. I told him what problems I've been having and told him I know short term, it's going to SUCK BIG!! But long term, I will feel so much better.

I am a big baby when it comes to being sick and pain. My husband's first question was they'll be admitting me for a week?! Haha, he doesn't deal with me well when I'm sick. This time around though, there won't be any arguing or being nasty. I won't be able to talk, and he's loving that idea. I'm not sure how little one will do with this though. I am a little concerned about how rowdy she can get and how much I can deal with. I won't be able to read to her, and lucky for her, her mom won't be able to reprimand her.

Needless to say, after my hubby reading all the paperwork and trying his best to scare me, I'm still going for it. I know the short term will be far from thriller. I just keep looking to the long term. I'm also happy that it'll be the end of February, and spring won't be here 'til atleast April. I'll be healed by then. (Hopefully!)

Wish me luck! Take care

Monday, February 7, 2011

Creativity Slump Or Bump In The Road

This morning I was all gung-ho to be crafty. I had several ideas to make wooden bunnies. I got my supplies ready, cut the bunnies out and painted them up. Then as usual, when I went to do the details, I was far from thrilled with the results. I remember this feeling last year, at this time. I am not into the whole springy thing. I don't like the pastels, and to be honest, the whole "cutesie" thing isn't me.

I have a show at the mall in less then 4 weeks. I was just going to stick with the everyday items and leave spring at home for my upcoming show at the shop in April. There I can have my consigners and boughten items fill up the shop. Maybe I should remember how crappy and down on myself I get when I try these projects. What I see in my head, is not what comes out in real life. I feel stupid and quite childish, but I get so frustrated.

My mother is the one that is big into details, and is great at them. I, on the other hand, stick to building the benches, candle boxes, stools, gameboards, stenciled signs and very simple, low detail items. I've been doing so much sewing lately, and feeling good about how they've been coming out, I may just switch from wood to fabric. Ha, I know better then that. I'll still find something and try to do it, but once again be frustrated with the results.

I will admit, much of it has to do with the weather. I also know, when it gets nice, I won't want to be doing ANY crafting. Enough grumbling, just needed to vent!


Friday, February 4, 2011

I've Brought the Farm In

Growing up on a farm has made me partial to anything that has to do with a farm, especially animals! It's funny how as a teenager, I hated living out in the country, so far from all the "action." Now I would give anything to move back out to the farm.

Hubby and I own a small acreage, by small I mean, less the 2 acres. We are really looking for atleast 6-10. There are so many things we would like to have room for. I already have my farmhouse floorplan, a new house, that looks old. Hubby wants a large shed for all his stuff! We would like an acre or more for a garden, for all my pumpkins, gourds, squash, broom corn, and indian corn; I sell at the shop. I would also like to have lots of room for flower beds and bittersweet and winterberry. We've also talked about a pool for Missy Pete and of course, a playset/tree house. And last, but not least, room for Marge, (that's what I want to name my cow) several sheep and a horse or pony. I can keep wishing. Maybe we'll get lucky this year and something will come on the market. Our my hubby's wide network of people, will point us in the right direction.

In our current home, which is ohh so bear right now. I have decorated my living room with farm supplies, animals and tools. I have many more to add, but my taste has been changing so much in the last year, I have lots of holes to fill. I thought today I would share with you several of these items.

 This cool old, handmade scoop, we found one day out junkin!
 We found this old hay rake in Crosby, MN. If you ever get the chance to visit, I highly recommend. Great antique shops!
 This rooster, I purchased off Ebay, can't remember the sweet woman's name. Of course, a Billy Jacobs' pic and the 2 little pieces in front are a chicken and pig. I'm not sure if they are game pieces or what. I believe they came in a box of auction things. They are great!
 Got this little lamb from the same woman who did the chicken. Love the little firkin, that was a great $6 buy at an auction!
 An old hay hook. Probably not that old
 LOVE this pulley! It came out of my dad's old barn. It's the one thing I salvaged before they burned it and buried it. Funny to think that at my young age, I was already into these things. Gotta love the stars
 I believe this is an old berry washer. Got it outta a dumpster!
 This old front porch post came off an old farmhouse, doomed for destruction
 This massive feed service sign is definitly the focal point. We got this when they tore down the old grain mill. We have 2 of them!!!

My little lamb and chicken. Just a fun piece from Blossom Bucket!

The sun is shining and they're talking highs in the mid-20's!! Woohoo!! Sad to say, we're having a heat wave at 20 :) Seeing some of these items, makes me long for spring that much more! Missy Pete is home with me again today, I see my house in destruction mode, but oh well, we'll have fun!! When's nap time?? hehe

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you! Have a great weekend!