Thursday, May 5, 2011

Off To The 100 Mile Garage Sale

Tomorrow we are off for our first time traveling the 100 mile garage sale. It winds through Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin. Can't wait!! My mom is joining us so I'll have extra eyes picking things up for the shop.

It's cloudy and oohhhh so windy today. I started my front yard project last nite, but we ran out of daylight. I thought it was going to rain over nite so I put some flowers in. Also put down grass seed at the shop. Hopefully it doesn't blow away before the rain graces us. Funny, just a week ago, I was tired of the rain!! Oh well, can't win with the weather!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love your new header!
    City wide garage sales start this weekend around here. I'm pretty excited about the new season!
    We planted some things in the garden yesterday. Good luck at your 100 mile sales!
    Please think about removing the word verification.

  2. Hi Erin, Hope you find some really good stuff, that would be very interesting and fun to do. Thank you for leaving me such a sweet comment. Have a great trip. Vicky

  3. Have fun on your adventure it sounds like fun. Hope you find lots of goodies at a great price.
    Enjoy your day!
    Prim Blessings