Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Flower Boxes

Thought since I've been slacking on blogging lately, that I would show you what I've been up to. And the reason of why I'm dehydrated. I was busy planting flowers Sunday and yesterday. Wish they were fuller but they'll get there. These 90's haven't been helping. They're talking rain moving in tonite and cooling things off again, that would be great!! I'd be more productive if it'd cool off!!

And a few auction finds

 Hubby picked this up for me at an auction
 Already sold these at the shop!
 The green has gotta go!!
 The heat has kinda beat up my pansies!!

 This was a surprise hubby brought home one day. Traded a guy for it, too bad the match was broke :(

 Just filled the wagon, hopefully it'll fill in soon
 My peonies bloomed yesterday! Love the fact that my hostas have grown so big you can barely see the air conditioning unit
 The new bed I'm slowly working on. Planted coneflower behind the stone, hoping it'll peek out soon
 This box works great for holding 2 flower boxes
 Transformed this old freebie

 Wintered over this spike, hoping to winter it every year
 My clemantis is making it's way up this metal artwork. My salvia is popping too
Soon my beds will be filled in


  1. I love the different containers you used for your flowers, makes things interesting. Love the old chairs, I have a thing for chairs. The bench will be nice with a new coat of paint. Can't wait to see your flowers as things really get to blooming. Vicky

  2. Wonderful~ pretty displays!!
    Wow~ you can see you are dry there~ praying for rain for you~
    I am loving the yellow chair, I like the design~ I bet it would be beautiful black~ ( yep, me & my black~LOL)
    Keep drinking water!!!

  3. I like where you put everything and hopen you get rain soon.