Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Preparing For Destruction

Yesterday is was flippin' hot here!! And very windy!! So windy that hubby and crew couldn't work up on the roof at their building site. They came into town and started cleaning out our barn. The poor thing had been let go so long before we bought this place, it's time for it to go. We've only been talking about it for 4 years. The further you go in, the more daylight you see :) Our neighbor's garage is right next to it and we joke how they have their new garage plans all drawn up, waiting for the barn to take out their current garage. I'm hoping we get this done shortly, so we avoid this!!

Here are a few pics I snapped, I already have started using some of the wood for my outhouse and have plans for a garden shed as well as a little potting shed at the shop.

 I think the barn door is the only thing keeping it up right anymore
 It had already started self-destructing so I've used those boards already
 If they'd just put a roof on, it may still be salvagable
I have plans for these!!


  1. I just love old barns, it will be nice to be able to use the wood from it. Can't wait to see your little potting shed and outhouse you are planning, try to stay cool. Vicky

  2. Fun~ fun the wood, the door~ oh,you are going to get creative aren't ya!!!
    Keep drinking cold water!!Toooo Hottt!!!

  3. Good Luck and be careful!
    Enjoy your weekend.