Monday, January 31, 2011

Settled In For A Long Winter's Day With My Favorite Little Girl

The weather man was right :( It has been snowing since some time last night. It is to continue through tomorrow. I know it was wishful thinking, but I was hoping for the rest of the winter to be snowless.

Missy Pete is home today, so we have already gone for a ride with dad, played with blocks, read books, chased the cat around and now she is doing her favorite activity: turning the lights/fans on and off. I know, it's something I'm not thrilled about her doing, but she seems to enjoy it so much. She's already moved on to something else. I wish I could have that kind of energy, oh does she wear me out somedays. My house would be spotless, all my craft projects would be done and ready to be put out at the shop, my shop would be spotless and set back up for the spring season; if only!

Missy Pete has already asked to light some candles. I think the genes have already started to show. She's already so much like her mom and gma. Maybe this afternoon we will pack up the snowman, she helped gather up on Saturday. She is such a good little helper. At 18 mons she amazes me everyday. I for see mac and cheese for lunch. That's okay, I'm still a fan of mac and cheese. Hopefully we can get a few things accomplished today. Sometimes she's a good distraction too :)

Enough ramblings for now. Stay warm!


  1. Don't worry about all those other things. Your little Missy will grow by leaps and bounds and just think of all the sweet memories you're making with her and for her. As she grows, she'll look back on these days with fondness and be so thankful you were the kind of mom who let her flip the light on and off and who took time for her. Hugs to you and your little one.

  2. Meant to also tell you I LOVE your banner photo. I have one of those little muffins pans from when I was a child. My granddaughter and I make muffins in it now. Such fun.