Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where Are You Tricycle?

It has been snowing here in Northern Iowa since early yesterday morning. We still have several inches left from the 20+ we had gotten in December (luckily lots melted during a brief warm spell.) This is a picture out my back deck at the little picket fences I put up to cover the ugly barbed wire fence in the field behind our house. We planted 2 red twig dogwood bushes, but you would never know. You can see I started decorating them with greenery and that night it snowed so much I couldn't get back there. Guess it'll hang there 'til some of this snow melts. The fence that has the greenery, you can just barely see the handle bars of my old tricycle that is in the flower bed. It's like it's playing peek-a-boo. Something my 18 mon old is good at, so we know this all too well at our house. The other side has an old rusty metal chair and bicycle. They are also playing peek-a-boo. Teasing me, saying spring is much too far off. Stay warm!

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