Monday, January 24, 2011

The Winter Blahs Have Struck

Those of us who live in the cold weather climate, HATE this time of year. I think it has officially struck me, cabin fever that is! I am dying to get outside and put my hands in the dirt and start planting. My husband claims he bought me a new lawnmower last week. I told him in May when the grass is lush and green and it's about 65 degrees out, I will love it. Right now, I could care less.
We own several properties, so we have lots of mowing to do. My first question was "Does it have a cupholder?" It's not that big of deal, but I know he always rolls his eyes at me when I ask this. He can say YES! this time. When the weather turns and the grass is green, I will let you know how I like it :)
Last Sunday morning I woke up with the flu. I had it into Monday. Well then it moved into my chest with a nasty hack and head cold. Then moving into sore throats and ear infections. I finally made an appointment with an ENT. Let's hope he'll see the need to remove my tonsils, and I can get over all these sore throats and ear infections for good. I just hope he can schedule it around my times of being open this spring/summer. Of course, my hubby is thrilled I won't be able to talk for awhile. That just means I'll send him a text with my requests, and he can wait on me :) I kind of like that idea!
Until next time, stay healthy!
I'm posting a pic of my new lawnmower :)

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  1. I would have asked the same thing - does it have a cup holder. That's good. LOL I hope you're feeling better by now. My hubby is home sick this week and he surely loves being waited on hand and foot. I'll be so happy when he feels better - for him and for me. LOL