Monday, April 18, 2011

Fresh Fruit - Pineapples and Watermelon

Friday I was even more productive then Thursday. And this weekend, I did a few things. I've been sewing like a fool. So glad I got several things finished up, or on the verge of being done. My mom is coming on Thursday and I'll have her write out tags. I'm not the greatest in the printing department, so we'll just let the professional do it, hehe.

Yesterday was so productive at our house. We were up early and outside by 8:30. Ady was playing away while her dad and I cleaned the garage. There's bare spots!! You could almost park a car in there, not that that'll be happening anytime soon. Hubby defrosted the freezer and we threw out lots of "stuff!" I piled all my undone projects together so I can just go out and grab one, and then hopefully I'll get it moved up to shop, ready to sell. Then hubby can get off my back about, "we have so many undone projects, it'd take year to finish them all." Yeah, well maybe!!

 These little things just need a grungy tag.
 I need a little banner that read July 4, 1776 on the front, mom can help with that.
 Found this little treasure stashed in the garage. Used a few Pledge wipes on it. I was going to sell it but decided to keep it for myself. It has a lose top and missing a handle but who cares. Picked it up at an auction last year for about 15 bucks.
 Almost done make-do's
 Working on the "seeds"
 All done, can you see all the projects out on the island?
Just needs a wire hanger. I think he'd look great on your door :)

I'm working on another watermelon pattern and ladybug bowl fillers. Also working on a super cute patriotic bag. Making great use of my cds of patterns from Olde Homestead Barn and Tennessee Ridge Primitives!

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