Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Porch Looks Like A Greenhouse

Wow!! The sun is shining and it hasn't rained in several hours! I find myself saying it's going to be nice today, which basically means, it's not going to rain!! It's quite windy but the sun is shining and it his about 65. My green thumb is pulsing!

We ran my things up to Waseca around lunch time. It was still stormy and dreary. On the way home I watch the storm clouds keep right on moving East. We stopped in Albert Lea and stopped at Albert Lea Seed House and Hills Gardens. Bummed my bittersweet and winterberry weren't in yet at AL Seed. We drove out to Hills and I went crazy! Beautiful, beautiful blooms everywhere. And it was SOOOO warm in the greenhouse. I miss working in a greenhouse sooooo bad!! I bought 2 clemantis for my arbor at the shop and 2 Hydrangeas. That was the bulk of my bill but also bought plenty of smaller perenials and a few annuals for my flower boxes for the shop. It's still much too cold for annuals, so I planted my boxes and brought them in. Since everything else is use to being in 80+ I thought I would slowly bring them to reality by bringing them into the porch for a few days. One side of the porch is a sea of green. I hope kitty stays away!!

Hubby's tomatoes and cucumbers are also finally starting to look alive again. 54 tomato plants in all. The man always says we'll plant less next year, yeah right!! I'll be canning tomatoes and salsa and spagetti sauce for months!! My house plants and several geraniums and spikes I saved from last year are swimming in the sea as well!

Here are a few pics of the sea of green!! Have a great rest of the weekend. I'll be outside playing the dirt :)

 My boxes to take up to the shop
 Clemantis and Missy Pete playing legos
Look at all those darn tomatoes!!


  1. Aw, you know you love it. Once we start canning and eating good food, you can't go back! I say every year that we need to do less. it's just the 2 of us now and we still have 30 pints of green beans from last year! Then they start talking about 2012 being some big disaster and we all need to stock up to survive. Everybody was all prepared for y2k and nothing happened. who knows? I guess we better make an attempt to be ready. I have empty jars. I hope to fill them. ★Linda★

  2. Don't you just love going wild in the garden centers, I tend to lose my mind when I am in one, same way when I go antiquing, LOL. I played in the dirt saturday, got the plants planted I had gotten. This week I am off to visit more gardens centers, and get in trouble. Have a great week. Vicky

  3. I'm itching to plant too!!
    I enjoyed reading your blog.