Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lead Glass Windows

Hubby picked these up for me a few months back. I've been wanting to hang them and he hung them the other nite. Not sure I am loving them, but since he put them up, I'll let them stay awhile :) The bigger one I put above the buffett his grandfather built. The other is above my french doors in our kitchen. I think I need a big twiggy wreath on the one in the living room, but then that distracts from the pattern. IDK!! I'm so indecisive lately, more then normal, haha!! I want to repaint our bedroom but I know the grumbles I get when I mention it. I know he is so busy right now, but I want our other house done so I can decorate that and then maybe I'll leave ours alone. I'm so happy to know I am not the only one out there that is constantly revamping and rearranging. I can't help it, I just always have to be changing things around. I can't stand to look at things the same way for too long. I'm a woman dammit!!!

It's dreary and cold today. Guess I'll continue to paint and stencil. Need to go down to the basement and stain but we have standing water in places and it's not inviting today. We have an old yucky basement but it stores my things in totes (up on pallets) and I stain down there. It allows me to lay things out and I don't have to worry about anyone messing with them, like when I use to do it in the garage.

Guess I am just rambling to put off being productive. It's almost lunch time anyways, atleast that's what my tummy is telling me!

Have a sunny day wherever you are!!


  1. Love the windows! I also spotted a Sunshine Bisquits tin. We have one just like it at our store for these old tins. Take care. Janice

  2. Very pretty, Love this kind of windows~ I think the light just dances off of them!