Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My New Shelf Is Finally Done and Hung

I had my hubby cut this shelf out probably 2 months ago, and yes, it's finally hung. We are not good about staying on top of things around here, especially when it pertains to us. It's partially decorated but since my easter things are coming down, I'm in transition to americana and patriotic things. I'm just happy it's up and I'm free to play with it as I wish.

It's raining and dreary today. I really would love to go back to bed, haha!! I have staining of signs to do and I have several more that need painted and stenciled. I don't think I have ever pushed so hard before a show to get things done, maybe I'm turning over a new leaf :) That's amazing for me, the procrastinator!! I still need to go up to the shop and continue packing things that are going to Waseca. Maybe someday soon!!

Have a great (dry) day!!


  1. I love your new shelf, I like the crock and the decoy on it. Not dry here today, went to get tomato plants this morning and got rained on before I finished. Was hoping to get them in before it rained. I always seem to be racing against the rain, need it, but hard to plant with it. Oh now the sun has peeked out, not good timing this morning. Take care, Vicky

  2. Looks very pretty!!!!Love the display!!!

  3. It really is beautiful! Love your swan and crock with vines. Looking really good!

  4. Oooh, love the simplicity of your new shelf...I am planning a redo of my bedromm and have been drawing, and drawing a shelf for my hubby to make for me....I just may have to show him your shelf. LOL. Take care Janice PS. we will be starting our redo toward the end of May and I will be posting pics of our progress.