Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life In My Flower Bed

The southside of the house I added a flower bed last year. I'm so happy to see everything returning. It's far from a finished project but it has a start. I use to work in a greenhouse, and I have always loved growing things. Even when I was little I would use my money to buy seed packets and attempt to grow whatever I thought would be fun to try.
As the years have progressed and I'm much more conscious of my cash flow, I've moved on to the perenials. Ohhhh did I spend money on annuals that would die come October and then I'd do it all over again next May. I still spend plenty on annuals, but have since widened my horizons to perennials. But I can say, I have never lived somewhere too long, that I thought I needed a plant for more then one season. I would like to share a few of the plants that have returned. I have many more beds, but last week I filled them all up with fresh mulch, so it'll be a few weeks before they're visible. I also have plans for a few new beds this spring.

 My mounding Dahlia and a few little violets, not sure what the thing in the left upper corner is. I don't even remember planting it :)
 Iris' they're always a staple. Remind me of the ones that were in front of my gpa's. A mum under the star
 Another mounding Dahila and I see my Clemantis is coming back under the ladder and another mum in the middle
 Phlox and Tiger Lillies. That Phlox is prickly, found that out :)
And I think this is a hosta coming back. I'm not even 30 yet and somedays I really think I'm losing it..lol

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  1. Enjoyed looking at your flower beds, I love spending time in my flower beds, my tickseed is already blooming and my clemantis is about to. I have loads of tall phlox that are about knee high now, and we have lots of pollen. If you think you are losing it now, wait until you get in your 50's then you know you have. Have fun with your flowers. Vicky