Monday, April 25, 2011

Tis Monday Again

*sigh* Monday has rolled around again, and with yesterday being a holiday, I'm trying hard to keep motivated today. My mom left about an hour ago and my drive to get things done has left with her! We got so much done on Friday and Saturday. I tried to keep that drive going this morning but I think we were only about half gear.

Yesterday was a wonderful day! Missy Pete loved hunting eggs and she got a Power Wheels Gator from the easter bunny. It was pretty nice out, so that's where we stayed. With more raining rolling in this week, it was so nice to be able to enjoy the sun. I tried the new mower yesterday, LOVE IT!! It'll actually take about half the amount of time to mow as it use to. And with as many properties that we own, it'll be done in no time. We also planted a tree/shrub. Not sure what it is, a friend of hubby's dropped it off, left from a job they were landscaping. I guess we couldn't say no. And when he said it was a 200 dollar tree, yep, I'll take it for free!!

The easter bunny brought me a new singer, yay!!! It works!! My old one was getting so irratating I didn't want to sew. It'll be fun again!! And it's fast!! I think I'm as happy as little one was about her gator :)

Enough ramblings for today! Have a great day!!


  1. Missy Pete looks to be having a grand time. And a new sewing machine?! Where does this bunny live? I need the address cuz I got ZIP! And you are proof that he visited Iowa!

  2. Your little one is so cute, looks like she is having a ball. New sewing machine sounds great, know what it like when one doesn't sew well. Mondays can be slow going, but took advantage of the sun today and worked in my flower beds, take care, Vicky