Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ode To My 4-Legged Fuzzball

This morning I thought I would post about my 4-legged baby, Mowser. This month is the 8 year anniversary of having my fuzzball. I still get a proud, warm feeling when I can say I rescued her from the Rescue League in Des Moines. She has been there for me always.

The last few days, she has been my companion, she loves that her mom is held up in bed, and able to give her all kinds of attention! Her "motor" helps me sleep, though my meds help a lot more :)  She has moved from many times with me, and she still has not become a fan of car rides.

She is the queen of the castle! I was quite worried when Missy was born, how Mowser would handle it. Since Ady is now moving at lightening speed, Mows, just tries to stay outta her way! Except when Missy wants to give Mows a treat. There have been a few moments of pure peace between them.

Since moving into our house, I had adopted 2 farm kittens. Unfortunately they didn't work out, you want to talk about breaking my heart with those decisions!! As I cried my eyes out, the queen, was giving me the look that was saying, "I told you I was the only kitty for you!" I think she's right!

We'll see how she handles the next move, across the street to our project house. Then hopefully on to the new house my hubby will build us out on the farm. I pray that my fuzzbaby is with us many more years. Her quirky actions and very predicatable moves make our house more of home!

Pets just make life more enjoyable! Here are a few pics of Mowser

 Mowser posing in the jelly cupboard

She wasn't so sure about what was about to be moving in

Mowser has been sharing the bed with me the last few days

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  1. funny~ I commented but I think it kicked me out~
    So trying again!
    Your kitty is adorable~ so sweet!love the long haired furballs!
    I favor them at home for some reason, love them all, but really like cuddling up to the fur!