Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Nice Chat With A Good Friend

Yesterday I sent an email to Kristine at A Primitive Place. I made a suggestion about my neighbor/friend Troy's yard/garden for next spring's edition. I knew he would kill me for doing this :) Well I decided to call him and let him know I'd done so. He stopped by the house and we chatted for well over 2 hrs. He's already fretting, he's just that kind of person.

Troy is one of my newer friends. I always have drooled over his yard! He owns 3 lots at the edge of town. His house sits on one and the other 2 are filled with vegetation!! He has an amazing rock wall/fence. He has pieces of yard art fixated just right amongst all this green. I'm not a fan of these cement pieces. But most of his pieces are the mossy green, so they don't stick out in an odd way. I actually do kind of like them. My neighbor is also a good staple at my shop! His wife may not always like writing the check when he done, but I sure do. He's also been known to walk by my garage and start shopping.

As we chatted, we discussed many things. But all had to do with decorating, whether inside or in the yard. I love having someone I can chat with about these things. He told me about all the things he has purchased lately. I can say I was jealous. This weather has just kept me and my family cooped up(and it's getting old!) Troy's house a smaller house, not tiny by any means, but smaller then mine. He has it filled to the brim!!

We were of course discussing primitives. Talking about wanting to go out east. I always have to remind myself of this, when I start thinking my things don't always seem primitive. But we were saying how our primitves are 200+ yrs newer then the prims out east.

He told me his wife and him were considering taking a trip down to Savannah, GA for their anniversary....I started drooling!! HAHA. I have been to Savannah and have always wanted to go back. It is an amazing city. So much to do and see! Just go when the weather is cooler. (Not a fan of heat and humidity, and it's viscious down there.) His eyes lit up when I told him I had been there and started telling him of all the things to see.

Needless to say, Troy and I could have talked for many more hours. It's so nice to have someone to chat with about the same things and practically know what they are saying before they've finished a sentence. I'm glad I have met him and his wife. One thing we talked about how bare my house has become. My taste is changing and I know I can't fill my house over night with prims. Here are a few things that I have not moved to shop or garage sale pile. I had to throw in the pic of my geranium plant I brought in. The bloom just makes me smile, hopefully I'll be able to plant more soon!!

Stay warm!


  1. Sounds like a very enjoyable visit!
    oh, your geranium, look at the bloom! So pretty!
    thanks for sharing

  2. It is always nice to talk to someone who shares our common interests. I hope we all get to see his garden one day soon.

    I hope you have a wonderful Friday. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now one of your followers.