Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting Hard To Swallow - Literally

The weather that is! I have had enough. All weekend it sleeted, we even had thunder and lightening during this sleet, crazy. Then Sunday night it snowed on top of that. Our lights flickered several time under the weight of the ice on the lines. I was worried my daughter's daycare wouldn't be open, then I didn't know what we do, since I had my tonsils out yesterday.

Surgery went well, except it took me a little longer to wake up. I was very tired and came home and slept it off. Then I think I over did it. I felt much better then I thought I would. So I was up doing things, chatting and playing with Missy Pete. Well I woke up this morning and felt awful! I have spent all morning in bed. I've been doing some blog hopping, sewing, and some browsing on Ebay. I am the only one home so luckily I'm saving my voice. I never thought how bad my tongue would hurt. Guess I didn't think about them having to clamp it outta the way during surgery. Kinda yucky to think about. Trying to keep my liquids up and keep on top of my meds.

Maybe tomorrow I will be up to posting some pics of my latest projects. Hubby brought home some feed sacks, I'd like to make into pillows. Also had him bring home this very long narrow wooden box, I'd like to hang on the wall. Think it would make a very cool shelf. I'm hoping it isn't too long for where I'd like it to go.

Off to rest again


  1. I was just thinking this morning, february is almost gone, maybe we want have any more bad weather. That was not the case last year, we had snow March 1st. I will be glad when spring is here to stay. I hope you feel better, I have never had my tonsils out, but I can imagine how you feel. Can't wait to see the feed sacks and what you make out of them, I am trying to locate some also. Feel better, Vicky

  2. Prayers for you doing the recovery~
    Get well soon!
    Can't wait to see your goodies~love feed sacks!

  3. I hope you recover from having your tonsils removed. I had mine removed when I was four. That was a long time ago, but I still remember the whole thing.