Friday, February 25, 2011

Picking Away at The Undones

Please tell me you have piles of undone things? Please tell me you start something, put it off and then by the time the season/holiday has come and gone the item isn't done yet? I don't always have this problem, but it seems lately it's always happening.

Whether it's wooden or fabric items. I have a garage full of undones. My hubby cuts it out, puts it together and there it sits. Sometimes the pieces lay out there and then so much time has passed we don't even remember what it's for. Last week I was on a roll. I started picking through the undones in the garage. Hubby even came home one night and said there were bare holes in the garage. YAY!!! That's one thing accomplished. Now these items are sitting in the basement waiting for some finishing up. I want to go down there, but I have been getting dizzy and weak from my meds and don't want to get stuck down there right now.

I have a tote full of fall/halloween things I didn't get finished up last year. I ususally do one, because I HAVE to see the finish product, then I go from there. Well since fall, I have added winter and christmas things too. I started a Valentine's door greeter, I didn't get it done, so now into the tote it goes. I started a spring project, I cut out 6. I should know better. I finally got one finished yesterday. The rest are in pieces. I'm shooting for atleast 2 more done, but all would be nice. But I have to be logical, hehe!

Yes, I am a procrastinator. Yes, sometimes I take on way too much. I see something, start it, and then find something else I want to do more. It's a never ending cycle!

 Here's a pile of stenciled signs, they just need to go up to the shop and be priced
 A stack of painted pieces that need to go on their intended items
 A stack of half painted books. Some just need some finishing touches
My sewing table, I actually cleaned it up last night. You can still see snowmen along with my spring projects

Maybe this is something I'll work on this year. I know I could fill my shop with all the undone projects in my house. The worst part, they've taken over. We don't truly have a lot of good storage in our house anyways, and then me adding to the chaos, doesn't help. Little one always wants to touch and examine my things, which usually sends me into a madwoman if something happens to it. It's my fault, I know. I just need to tell myself to finish something before I move on to the next. I hope I'm not the only one that has this problem :)

There is an auction this weekend and I really want to go. Guess we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

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  1. You must be my twin. I have unfinished snowmen and a reindeer in the closet. I start a project, then find another one I want to start and then I end up with a big basket full of half done items. This morning I laid all my items that just need a little left on them. I counted 28 items that need that last touch. Then I have 11 more items that need to painted or coffee dyed and faces put on, you get the idea. I think sometime I get to a point and I don't know how I want it to turn out, I usually am trying to finish everything at the last minute. There has to be a better way, oh and I forgot the 12 unfinished checkerboards my husband cut for me. Well back to those 28 items, I am glad I am not alone. Vicky