Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Melting!!!!

It was a beautiful weekend! It was close to 40 and we spent much of Saturday and Sunday outside. Missy Pete wanted to play in her Cozy Coupe so we dug it out of the garage and she toted around in it Saturday afternoon. We also, finally, got the Christmas lights down off the house. It's been a bit to slippery and dangerous to get up there before now. Saturday afternoon, hubby built me a shelf I had been admiring in APP. I took Audrey's design and did a little twist to it, I'll get a pic of it posted. Yesterday we spent the day outside yet again. This time, we opened up the garage and hubby finished up a few things he built a few weeks ago. Now they are ready to stain and paint.

On to the best part, the snow is melting. It was 33 when I looked at therometer at 8 this morning. I'm hoping that means it didn't get much below freezing last night, which gives an edge to the melting process. My deck is visable, which means Missy pointed out her toys this morning(for the first time in awhile, they've been so buried!) My boxwoods are starting to poke out and I can see grass!!!

I know it's still only mid-February, I'm sure we'll have atleast one more big snow, but it's just the idea that I can finally see!!

 Thought I would throw these in, Missy convincing the cat to stay in the basket, amazing!!
Mowser in her new "bed" made by daughter :)

Have a great day!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

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