Monday, February 14, 2011

Another of Our Projects - The Rental

I snapped a few pics of another of our projects, our rental. This house was a mess when we got it. It had had a water leak, so the hardwoods had buckled, the stain on the trim had literally bubbled and melted off, and then painted had been sent flaking on the floor. This house had set on the market for over a year, but once again, hubby thought we needed a project. We love our realtor, she sends the good deals are way. This was a very good deal, cheaper then a used car, good deal!

The realtors are waiting to move in at the end of the month, so hubby is in high gear. The bathroom is getting put back together this week and then the floors are getting done. Then hopefully it'll be done!

Here are a few pics, of the new paint and the woodwork!
One of the bedrooms, with the bathroom stff in it

 The entry, has great french doors and all these wonderful windows
 Living room with all the natural light
 Living looking into dining
 Kitchen, sorry about my hand in the way, it's small and I was trying to get the best shot
Ther other bedroom

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