Saturday, March 26, 2011

Love Me Love My Dust....And My Cat Hair

A good friend of mine said that to me once. And I've taken it as my own philosophy. I am far from a wonderful housekeeper. You women who have immaculant homes, I'm afraid you would be apauled by my home. I guess you could say I'm too busy having fun doing much more fun and exciting things in life.

I've been wanting to move my desk for some time now. It use to be in our little bedroom/office. Well when little one came along, it was forced downstairs into our dining area. I never really liked it there. Considering it's usually messy and piled high with my paperwork and invoices. Well today, I finally moved it. I decided to move it into an unused corner of our porch. Not sure I really like it here either, but it's out of direct eyeshot. Until I have my own office, I suppose it will continue to be moved.

I moved my cupboard that has been moved ohhh so many times into my dining area. I may actually be able to decorate it now :) It's last place of residence was on the porch, holding Missy Pete's books. Well I rounded up some of my bigger Longaberger baskets and filled them with her toys and books. She has her own end of the porch and she usually does quite well keeping her toys in her area. She has OCD, unlike her mother, hehe!!

Since all this moving has stirred up the dust, and my allergies; I got out the vaccum and have been doing some deep cleaning. Anyone that knows me, is probably wondering if I'm feeling okay?? I guess this is my spring cleaning. Maybe I should hire a cleaning woman before I list my house!! I'm sure hubby would roll his eyes at that comment, I'm sure he'd have a comment of his own, hehe!!

I'm in the process of getting rid of things I know longer love. I just haven't found things to replace them yet. Well not the things that I want. I was very disappointed with the auction today, we made an appearance and left :( Until we move, I'm not going to get too carried away. I don't want everyone looking at my things, and not my house. I really want it to sell, even though in this economy I can only hope and pray!!

I better start sorting my mounds of paperwork and get it filed before bed time.

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  1. Best of luck with selling your home~ even with the economy bad~ there might just be the right person that looks at your home & says yes, I want it!!
    Cleaning~Dust~ what is it about the spring sunshining in~ your see more~ & more~ and it keep coming!LOL