Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sure Didn't Feel Like Spring Break!

This week the guy that works for my hubby, took his fam to FL. I thought maybe we would get to go somewhere or do something, but I guess I was wrong! I am going stir crazzzzzzzzy!!!

Most of the week it was beautiful out! The snow is almost completely gone! Yesterday hubby helped me use the leaf blower to get rid of all the leaves that had bedded down in my flower beds for the winter. I couldn't believe how many were still frozen to the ground. They are a good insulator! I even saw my lillies making an appearance. My Columbine is also starting to green. Makes me want to jump up and down and run to the nurseries. But Mother Nature has another thought. It poured rain all last night, which is fine because it didn't get below freezing and it washed away all the yucky brown. Unfortunately, this week it isn't going to get above 40 and they're talking sleet/snow mix. Really?!?!

All week hubby's cell has been ringing too. Everyone wants a garage. I'm not talking your normal garage, I'm talking 80k-90k kinda garage. That's a house!! I'm more then happy that hubby has steady work, but I want our project house done so I can get our home on the market. Things are selling around here, but they're cheaper then our price range :( I'd also like my shop finished, atleast by fall. I want to do some landscaping at the shop too. I can do most of it, just need hubby on the tractor and skidloader for a few things. Ohh and him and Ty to pour concrete for my covered porch. Ohhh the projects, but no time!

This whole week, my head has been swirling. I almost cringe everytime hubby's phone rings. Where is the happy medium? Is there one? haha

Off to ponder and dream some more. I hope Spring is greeting you with a warm hug. I sure wish it was going to last here!

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  1. Hey I know what you mean trying to get projects done and needing help to do them. My husband is finishing up his winter job and we have a lawn care business he starts back up. Well the past few saturdays he is already doing lawncare. I told him there are things I need done and I wanted to take a couple of day trips. Please put me on the list, before lawn care gets crazy around here. Either not enough work or too much, guess we can't have it all. I know how you feel. Vicky