Wednesday, March 9, 2011

They're Breeding Like Rabbits

I had to! Sorry, but it was the perfect fit for a title. I have several bunny projects going, now if I could get them finished up. I woke up to 4 inches of snow this morning and it's not supposed to quit until tonight :(   Enough already!!!

We are heading to my hometown tomorrow afternoon so there won't be any sewing or crafting going on for several days. Hopefully I can find some treasures while we are out and about. I was browsing blog land, where do you people find such great pieces?! I must not be looking in the right places. Maybe that's okay, because right now, my house is not big enough. As I've said many times before, we have long outgrown this house. Between all my "junk" and my daughter's toys....there's no room left for us, haha!

Well I think today I will stay home from the shop and just get some sewing and painting done. My yellow kitten has just curled up next to me, purring away. She smells like bacon, lmao, hubby made bacon for breakfast. Since today is the last day Missy Pete will be going to the babysitter for a while, I best get all things that get done faster without her around, done! Also very excited about having chicken fettucini for supper, yums!

Have a wonderful day, even if you are getting pounded with torrential rains or this white crap!

My little one was being a goof last night and these are a few of my current projects


  1. Well I know what you mean working on rabbits they do seem to be multiplying before I can get them all done. Can't wait to see your finished projects. I am working on finishing large rabbits today while waiting on the rain to come, suppose to get 2-4 inches, yuk. The spring open houses start this saturday better get back to work. Your little one is cute. Vicky

  2. Bunnies are looking cute~ Your little one is adorable! Good luck on hunting~ junkin~gathering!
    Okay, have to say it like you~ I can't find the cheap good stuff~ I always miss out~ I blame it on I am not a full~time junker! But thank you for this~I was feeling like what~ how cheap~ no way~ I am amazed at some of the prices some bloggers get junk for $1 -$5 oh my~ I need to be a full~ time junker!LOL
    enjoy the trip